Music is something we love because it makes us feel something. It communicates to us in a way that words cant. What would a movie be without music? Even the old silent films were never truly silent because they knew they needed music, like we all do. We all have our record collections, our piles of CDs and our mp3 players filled with the songs that make up the soundtrack to our lives. Its only natural for us to look up at the musician as some supernatural being with otherworldly powers. We want to be that guy on stage strumming our guitar and making the world feel what we feel. Gianni Alexander Spata not only accomplished this, he figured out how to get the whole world to do it too; faster, easier and with a whole lot of fun.

Weve all stared longingly at a guitar hanging in a shop window, wishing we could play it. We may have even bought that guitar and a beginners book or DVD but for some reason they got sold at a garage sale or given away to someone who might have more luck. The truth of the matter is that luck has nothing to do with learning how to play the guitar. There is no magic fairy dust that got sprinkled on Eric Clapton or B.B. King when they were babies that somehow made them play the guitar. The simple reason you dont see a guitar in every home is because up until recently there hasnt been an easy way to learn, but now there is.

Gianni Alexander Spata wanted to play the guitar but when he looked through the books and training materials available they were all incomplete, too difficult to understand and not too much use. Over time he began to piece together the correct way to learn guitar in a notebook he kept. As he continued to master guitar playing his notebook grew and people were amazed at how effective it was and wanted their own copy. This was the beginning of the Spata Method of guitar playing and it would soon grow into the internets easiest and best website for learning to play the guitar:

When you visit the website you see a big jukebox that functions like karaoke, with lyrics and chords moving along in highlighted sections as the song plays. Its super easy to understand because everything is laid out right in front of you, including pictures of where to place your fingers. Learning the guitar has never been this fast, easy and fun because you can learn visually, and at your own pace. Youre able to set the player to go over a particular part of a song and once youve mastered that part you can move on to the next until youre playing the whole song like a pro. And thats where you end up too. This is not a simple method of learning chords but a way to get you visualizing music like a real professional guitarist.

This approach is groundbreaking in its simplicity and makes playing the guitar easy for anybody, and its fun! Its free to sign up, theres plenty of fantastic songs to choose from and you can start learning the guitar immediately. You can stop wishing because now you really can play what you feel.